Research 03/2023

Research 03/2023

Dear Reader,

Understanding the ever-changing business environment, especially lately, became challenging with every passing month. This unfortunately had an impact even on transportation and logistics. Looking at estimated delivery dates / replenishment delivery time estimations make me roll my own eyes. This is our new ‘normal’ now, and the truth is, we just have to learn how to progress through these difficult circumstances.

Recruitment turned out to be another difficult aspect of these new circumstances we found ourselves in. With the mission to offer support I would like to invite everyone to take part in a small survey. While I believe that the solution, we are about to unveil in the near future may be of more value to some, it has the potential for further customization – an area we would like to understand and explore more about.

You are more than welcome to participate in both surveys if you believe your work experience overlaps with the description of each. I am very grateful for the time you took, or the time you are about to take, as this solution could find its way to your work environment, and I can only hope benefits could be observed immediately after its implementation.

Thank you,

Survey Details.

The First survey is dedicated to any work environment where food preparation takes place, but also, where hot produce is served to your dinners and customers. This could be a restaurant, an office canteen, as well as a hotel, which may even have multiple F&B Outlets.


The Second Survey has a general approach. Our idea could just as easily be scaled-up or adjusted for environments such as production, office, school, reception, transportation, and more.


The Idea.

Every business has different needs, approaches, layouts of the premises, targets, goals. These particular needs may correlate to the layout of the premises which may dictate rules for unique approaches and may be behind why you target different individuals for your customer base. Every business, however, will always have the same goal – to achieve success. No matter what your individual needs are, what layout of your premises look like, what approach you take, you will strive to achieve best performance and ultimately increase business level and customer satisfaction. Everything else are just means that help you lead your team to achieving of exactly that. There is lately no place for any sacrifices or compromises. I believe communication is the key area which offers most flexibility when it comes to implementation of any improvements and yet may offer exponential benefits when these improvements are implemented with the correct approach. Lack of communication within an organization can only lead to a disaster.

With the highlight of how important communication certainly is, I would love to hear from you, even if you just want to say “Hi!”:

With the lunch of this research project, I hope to learn more about what will consequently be our next step in the matter of tailoring this idea and cultivating communication around each individual place of work.

Stay tuned as more updates will certainly follow.